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when the mind can finally accept

that it doesn’t know anything,

and that its purpose is to support,


and translate

the strength,


and truth of the heart—

attention begins turning toward

that magic space inside the chest.

the mind begins listening to the heart.

but what if

the heart doesn’t know how to be in the spotlight?

what if

the heart has been beaten and broken,


too many times to count

over many lifetimes,

and has forgotten

how to speak?

the mind knows it’s not the main act,

and the heart doesn’t want to be.

where does that leave me?

the attentive consciousness,

the one witnessing,

the body that walks through evolution

holding this paradox?

it leaves me

calling upon the unknown light

that exists beyond and beneath this reality,

to guide me

into holding myself,

my heart,

through the emergent healing journey.

and the present healing

is repeatedly

telling my heart

that it’s okay to be.

it’s okay to exist,

and that it is safe

to refract the light of the universe

through it’s unique

and beautiful lens of pure love.

and slowly,

my heart remembers

it’s okay



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