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DIY luxe & magnetic program branding for feminine leaders

For the feminine leader desiring to up-level her branding and designs without dishing out thousands to a designer (yet 😉)

If you're here, chances are you know me, my brand, my style, my creativity...

I'll save you the sales pitch & just give you the juicy deets.

This 90-minute masterclass is VALUE-FREAKING-PACKED. I'm pulling back the curtain on how I make gorgeous, artistic, visionary, luxe, magnetic program branding for my clients.

I've built a multi 6-figure design business in the last 3 years working with feminine leaders, business coaches, and embodiment mentors at the top of their field - and yes I'll brag... I'm their go-to designer for a reason.

I literally could not be more excited to share with you the distillation of everything I've learned & mastered about making next-level program branding that matches the energy of your offering.

Choosing (or up-leveling) aligned and sexy colors & fonts for your designs and brand (comes with in-depth presentations & workbooks)


Simple AF branding tricks to make your designs & visuals luxe and professional


Deconstructing & reconstructing the branding/design for 2 programs (different styles) in Canva in real time, while I talk through my creative process & design techniques


Basic but powerful Canva design tricks that ANYONE can master


Q+A design coaching

In this masterclass, we'll go over...

You'll learn how to create designs like these...

Ready to uplevel, queen?