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Join dozens of industry-leading women who have collectively made multi 7-figures working with SRC on their branding + launches.

Get ready to lean into ease, aliveness, and abundance & make launching your favorite thing ever. 


As someone who started her entrepreneurial journey as a coach for creatives, I know how big of an undertaking a launch can be.

It's one thing to dream up the offer, channel the modules & the teachings, brainstorm the messaging, and make sure it's something you actually WANT to teach on (this part is usually the fun part for us feminine, visionary beings)...

It's another thing to have to create the sales page, the branding, come up with magnetic messaging and posts that do well on IG, and basically just DO EVERY F*CKING THING YOURSELF. Even you queens with a team know that STILL - it's a LOT of work to get it right.

It's even ANOTHER thing to try to find a team that actually GETS YOU, understands your magic, is able to channel your essence into the visuals of your program, AND help you create a marketing strategy that aligns with YOUR energy and YOUR soul...

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hi, that's where I come in...

You became a coach so that you could embody your magic to help transform others' lives


I became an artist and visionary brand designer so I could use my skill of channeling essence into form TO HELP women like you be seen in their truest, deepest, power and make f*ck-off money doing it.

Let me do my magic so YOU CAN DO YOURS.



Our VIP Launch Packages are designed for the woman who...

→ Hops on IG every day to see another coach who has had a multi 5 or 6 figure month or a massively successful launch and you’re stoked for her! But maybeee there’s a part of you that keeps thinking “ugh why hasn’t that happened yet for me?”

→ Spends HOURS creating graphics for your launch in Canva and maybe they turn out great (or maybe you hate them 😅😭) but either way, by the time you’re done you’re too tired to actually post or market your offer. Or maybe your VA is doing your graphics and they are finnneeee… but not IT.

→ Births offers with so much heart and soul that you KNOW will change the lives of the people inside — but you’re having trouble reaching your ideal client and converting them into paying clients.

→ Tries time and time again to create branding that feels aligned, fun, and sexy to you — but it doesn’t turn out how you want it to, so you end up switching things up allll the time — leading to inconsistent and messy branding for your business and launches.

Wants someone in your corner who GETS YOU. You’ve struggled to feel seen and understood by a graphic designer and feel let down that they aren’t able to channel your unique genius and essence the way you desire.

FEAR NOT MY LOVE!!! Get ready to...


💎 Relax into a stress-free, natural consistency in your marketing and launches that WORKS and is SUSTAINABLE for your unique cyclical nature.

💎 See sexy increases in reach online not because you’ve obsessed over engagement and making posts go viral, but because you have strategic support/guidance and have learned to lean back into heart-led marketing and trusting your natural evolution.

💎 Exhale and let go of tasks that are no longer something you want to do 🤩🥳 You get back HOURS per week to dedicate to supporting your clients, taking midday baths, birthing new offers, baking bread, spending time with your fam, whatever fillllllls your cup!!


💎 Focus on making your offer irresistible, creating innovative messaging, serving your clients, and showing up online - while alllll the nitty gritty design tasks are completely taken care of.

💎 Be EXCITED to post about and promote your offer on IG because you feel supported by an aligned launch strategy & are in love with your branding and graphics.

💎 Have vibey AF artistic branding and graphics for your content and launches that LIGHT YOU THE FUCK UP and invokes massive expansion in your growth and the success of your launch. You draw in the EXACT RIGHT humans to your offers because your energy and your branding are ON POINT.







If you don't know me already, I'm Sierra!


Coming from a background of being a health coach, creativity coach, yoga teacher, psychosomatic bodyworker, ceramicist, and visionary painter (yes, I have experimented a lot - can you tell? 😛) — I am obsessed with supporting with women who run heart-led businesses doing what they love.

I am the founder of Sierra Rose Creative, a small creative agency that specializes in helping feminine, soul-led leaders go from having mediocre branding & launches, to having gorgeous, luxe, soul-aligned branding and content that magnetizes dream clients. At SRC, we work with some of the most successful industry leaders in the coaching and mentorship space and have helped them make some of their highest earning launches to date.

As a witchy-AF spiritual artist, my genius lies in the process of channeling energy into form — which is precisely what I do as a designer. Spiritual women business owners come to me for a reason: I SEE their magic, power, depth and potency, AND am able to translate that into beautiful brand art for their business and launches.

I’m a Virgo Sun (details pleeeease!), Aquarius Moon (gimme those visions baby), and Pisces Rising (I’ve got spiritual art on lockdown) — so I know how to support powerful women both with the visionary artistic design, AND the nitty-gritty masculine structure that’s so important in business.

When I’m not creating magical designs for my clients, you can find me at the climbing gym, out on a hike, cuddling my kitties, watching parks and rec, or dancing like an idiot (a sexy idiot 😜).

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In 2023 alone, clients we worked with on launches brought in a combined revenue of over $4M. 


We’re here to help you make bank in your launches & call in dreamy, soulmate clients using feminine marketing strategies and cutting-edge visionary branding design that aligns with your SOUL and your MAGIC.

client love

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1-2 Days to Launch Your Offer! Receive Soul-Aligned, Artistic Branding for Your Offer + ALL the Social & Marketing Graphics Needed to Have Your Best Launch Yet


Perfect for business owners who are DONE hustling in the hamster-wheel of launching and desire to relax into support for their launch - not to mention a QUICK AF turnaround.


✔︎ Launch Strategy and Branding Call with Sierra (prior to the VIP Day)

✔︎ Artistic hero image & program logo file

✔︎ Website/email banner graphic

✔︎ Instagram "sales" story slides (15-25 animated detailed promo slides)

✔︎ Instagram carousel post

✔︎ Instagram reel

✔︎ Facebook cover images (group and profile)

✔︎ "I'm in" shareable graphic

✔︎ Welcome template (welcoming clients into your offer)

✔︎ Testimonial template

✔︎ Misc graphics such as "pinned" IG posts

✔︎ Access to All Designs in Canva

*Option to add-on a sales page design + build for an additional $888 (adds 2 days to the total project timeline)*



5 Weeks of High Level Launch Support! Everything in VIP DAY + Sales Page Design/Build, DFY Posts/Reels, Stories, + Evocative Post Prompts to Quantum Leap Into Your Best Launch Yet


Perfect for business owners who are ready to have their most aligned, pleasureable, and successful launch yet with ALL INCLUSIVE support. This is for you if you're ready to do less to receive more and do ONLY what you desire to do in your launch.



✔︎ *NEW* 4x weekly strategy calls with Sierra & the SRC team, in addition to the initial strategy call!

✔︎ 5 weeks of unlimited Slack support from the SRC team

✔︎ Sales/Landing page design & build

✔︎ A carousel ad + retargeting ad (optional but recommended!)

✔︎ 3 DFY posts (carousel, reel, or static) per week for 4 weeks

✔︎ 2 post guidelines/recommendations per week (topic for a face-to-cam reel and topic for an image post) for 4 weeks

✔︎ Over 30 proven post and story prompts for you to explore and play with (includes hook & CTA templates!)

✔︎ Course platform graphics (module heading images, etc) if needed


*Option to add personalized OBM support from our epic SRC backend queen (additional cost)

  • I've never used Canva. Will I be able to use these templates?
    Absolutely! We know Canva can be overwhelming, especially if you're new to it. This template pack comes with step-by-step video guidelines to walk you through everything. On top of that, you'll get a mini design training by Sierra, custom to THIS template, so you'll know exactly how to work with the designs in the most optimal way! The only thing to note is that you'll need to upgrade to a Pro Canva account to get the most out of these templates, which is around $12/month.
  • Will I be able to use my own fonts and colors?
    Yes! These templates were designed to allow you to easily swap out the fonts, colors, and images. To do this in the most efficient way, watch the videos included with purchase! That said, if you are brand new to business and don't have fonts and colors yet, feel free to use what's in there! The only thing we definitely recommend changing is the photos - especially the hero image photos, so the graphics are personalized to you and your brand.
  • How long will I have access?
    Forevaaaa! As long as Canva is still around 😉 you'll be able to use and reuse these templates as many times as you wish.
  • My business is new. Is this a good option for me?
    Not to toot our own horn here, but this template pack is THE BEST option for newer business owners! This is the only way we've seen for you to have expert-level program branding and launch graphics for under $100. Our DFY Program Branding Packages (where our team does all of this for you) start at $1111, to give some context!
  • Does this come with a sales page template?
    As of right now, no. The reason being, so many people use all different platforms to build their sales pages! Soon, we will have purchasable templates built in Showit and Wix, but those will need to be bought separately.
  • Can you help customize these templates for me?
    We won't be able to help you with these specific templates and graphics - however, we included everything we could think of in terms of guidance and resources for you to feel empowered to do this yourself! That said, if you desire full-on support with your next launch and don't want to do ANY of the graphics or branding yourself, reach out to us on IG and let's chat about getting you booked for a Program Branding & Launch VIP Experience!
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