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courage of creation

it’s hilariously ironic to me

that when you get to the point in life

where the reality of

living your passion

becomes increasingly more tangible,

pouring into your hands like divine nectar..

it more easily slips through your fingers.

consumingly present

yet just out of reach.

at this point

the paradox is that

with the growing excitement

of stepping into integration

of aligned purpose,

the intensity

of every fear and insecurity

blocking the creative channel

grows too

like two sides of the same evolutionary coin.

and the practice is


that when we step close enough

to this passion within our heART

we learn how to play with f i r e

how to keep it lit

and not get burned.

we learn how to alchemize limitations

by seeing

that blockages are the fuel

for powerful and potent

c r e a t i o n

if only

we are willing

to grow.

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