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UNLEASH YOUR magnetic POWER & CRAFT THE BRAND of your dreams.

We start June 21st  #solsticemagic


I wanna get real for a sec,

We do biz a little differently around here. I'm not here to try to sell you on why you need this course - I fully believe you are capable of ALL THE MAGIC, with or without my support. What I'm here to do, is give you the download of what makes this course so epic, who it's a match for, and why I know it will help quantum up-level the women who are drawn to join us.


I want you to claim a seat in this program IF it makes your heart beat faster, your eyes brighten, your stomach flutter with excitement, and let's be honest, if it makes you a lil nervous.


Are you meant to join us? Let's find out 😎


Ok so, first of all...

You’d be surprised how much I get asked by people what branding even is!! So I'm gonna lay it out here for you, with my definition. Cuz this is, in a nutshell, what we’ll be doing inside Magnetic Branding.

On the surface level, branding is the mood boards, the logos, the color palettes, the fonts, the social media graphics, beautiful reels, websites, sales pages. This aspect of branding is the coherence, identity, and power of the story you tell visually.




And showing the f*ck up in your power, clear & confident in your purpose & mission. It’s what your core values are, what your message is, how you tell your story, how you show up to lead, what you choose to sell, HOW you choose to sell, how you build community.


It’s who you are being when you align with your brand’s deepest purpose & message.

This course is designed to help new entrepreneurs and business owners on a budget get access to everything they need to create an epic brand for themselves, & not to mention - awaken their creative magnetism in the process. #nbd


As a brand designer for coaches and creatives, I have this knowledge, and I know how to make it accessible, easeful, and fun for those of you with limited time and money.



is for the woman who...

  • Is excited about invoking her inner magnetism and artistry to build abundance in her business with ease

  • Is tired of playing small and desires to expand her power through growing her business

  • Wants a beautiful AF brand that mirrors her energy and power

  • Wants help learning how to show up authentically on social media, and how to sustainably create content

  • Desires to be in a community of women, creating magic together

  • Feels directionless in her business and wants to clarify her vision, purpose, and messaging

  • Wants to create her brand as a work of art, that aligns with her purpose


It would be one thing if this was a course just on creating a beautiful visual brand - which we sure as hell are going to do - but it’s more than that. It’s about how to channel your inner power, authenticity and MAGIC into your brand.

This is where the magnetism comes in.

Really good branding has to do with the strategy & impact of the logo, the colors, the fonts, the visuals, the aesthetic –




MAGNETIC BRANDING is about how you make space for your unique, creative, way-paving self to shine authentically through your brand – and having visuals that match your energy.

It's about how you tell your story, how you show up for and connect with your people, how you talk about your offerings, and last but certainly not least – how you relate to your business.


Because let’s be honest — you can create beautiful visuals alllllll day long; but if the energy and alignment isn’t there, your people won’t convert.


It’s kinda like being attracted to someone physically (dayum they’re sexy), then going on a date and finding out there’s no substance 🤷🏼‍♀️ are ya gonna stay in that relationship? Didn’t think so. You don’t want your biz to feel like a bad date to your peeps 🙈

I've designed this course very intentionally to include tools for nourishing and growing the energetic, magnetic side of branding, AND the logistical, structured, and strategic how-to behind designing a logo and choosing fonts and colors that match your brand archetype and express your unique magnetism.

Your energy is the magnetism – and the visual brand is the gateway for people to feel your energy.

This is what MB is about.

& here's how we'll do it:


Module 1:


With guest teacher
Megan Claire Hatfield

Discover your brand archetype + core values, and dive into what it really means to have a magnetic brand: embodying YOUR inner wisdom, power, and unique purpose.


Module 2:


Learn the process of how expert designers choose brand fonts and colors - simplified! Tap into your creativity and brand archetype to begin creating the aesthetic of your brand. We go into sites to find free + purchasable fonts, top Canva tips, trending + effective color palettes based on the chakras and psychology of color, and more!


Module 3:


With guest teacher
Carolyn Stine

Learn how to create a vibey-AF mood board for your brand + how to take magnetic photos (selfies for the win!!). Connect with your most aligned and authentic voice + story to discover your deepest and truest message - and how to express it.


Module 4:


In this module, we'll be pulling back the curtain on some major design-industry secrets for how to EASILY create a powerful, cost-effective, and memorable expert-level logo for your brand. Plus, you'll have the chance to get DIRECT feedback from Sierra on your brand board and logo designs.


Module 5:


With guest teacher
Diana Davis

This mod is JAM PACKED: a library of customizable Canva templates, a bonus section on Instagram Reels, and a masterclass on how to create an authentic and sustainable marketing strategy (social media focused) that works FOR YOU.


Module 6:


This module will give you the space to integrate and finish the designs you worked on during the course. There will be a live Q+A call with Sierra, a brand guide template for you to organize all your brand assets.


Bonus Module


At Sierra Rose Creative, we're obsessed with systems, task management and organization. In this bonus mod, you'll get Sierra's fave systems for different types of business (coaches/mentors, artists, and service providers), AND a Notion workspace template built by Sierra with over a year of refinement from her own workflow as an artist and designer.

I want nothing more than for you to bring your vision to life with your creativity; to build massive abundance with your gifts; to make the impact you desire to have.

I am offering this course BECAUSE bringing an idea, a business, an offering into form in a way that generates livelihood for you and creates impact in your community requires structure, guidance, & know how. Otherwise, you might do all this work to get your biz up and running — only to burn out and give up because your marketing and offerings aren’t landing the way you want them to.

For a river to flow, it needs the structure of the riverbanks. YOU are the river, & the structure I’m giving you inside Magnetic Branding is the riverbank.



The value of this course is over $10k, easy. You'd easily pay that for a brand designer, marketing, biz coach, etc to get you started or design a rebrand.

But I want this information to be as accessible as possible.



  • 3 Month Payment Plan

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
  • Pay in Full


Meet our


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Diana is a business coach that empowers creative entrepreneurs to ditch the hustle, land their dream clients, and scale to new heights. Formerly a photographer and graphic designer in the hustle of NYC, she's out to debunk the idea of the "starving artist" and the idea that you have to have a traditional job to make the money you want and have the life you desire. She is currently traveling the world living her nomadic dream. If you really know her, you know she’s a good mix of woo woo and realistic, is a Gemini to the max, and loves traveling any chance she gets.

Bio coming soon :)

Carolyn is a Messaging & Storytelling Coach for female leaders and creators who helps you bring all of your magic, multidimensional self, and magnetic differentiators to LIFE in messaging that grows your business. Through 12 years of experience in marketing, strategy, and copywriting for digital brands and 2 businesses she built in consulting and coaching, Carolyn has seen firsthand how unleashing your voice and story truly unleashes your most aligned business growth. She works with womxn every day who are writing new scripts by leaning into their creativity, storytelling, and their boldest expression.


Hi beauty, I'm Sierra

I'm a brand + website designer for coaches and creatives, and a visionary artist. I am a spiritual hippy-yogi turned high-level designer and business owner.

It is my mission to bring creative vision into form & help you do the same. I am a creative medium; I see and feel your vision, your genius, your passion - and help you translate it into a lived expression of your purpose. I serve as your bridge; to lay down the golden carpet that allows YOU to connect with your deepest alignment, highest visions, and most powerful self.​

I started my biz in March of 2020 as a way to finally start selling my art on Etsy. A couple months later, I decided to try out coaching artists and creatives - supporting them to grow out of the starving artist mentality and into limitless creativity and abundance.


A year after that (March 2021) I got the download to start offering graphic design services to coaches and creatives - even though I had no idea what I was doing and no systems or structure to support it 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️

And here we are, just over a year later - consistently booked out, serving amazing leaders with my art, almost 6 figures in revenue since I started doing design, and an insane quantum up-level in my creative skills.

Sierra Rose Creative is expanding into offering group programs, masterminds, and courses to help support even more embodied leaders realize their vision & create easeful abundance with their gifts.

I can't wait to make magic with you. xx