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Design Offerings

Design Offerings


*Option to include 2x/YEAR in-person video shoots! 

This is for the woman who runs an empire and desires support with all things design, branding, and launching. DIAMOND is SRC's boutique-style package, in which you get to pick and choose what support you need. As a unique and trail-blazing business owner, we know the importance and value of you having access to customized support!


Items include, but are not limited to: 1-2x launches per month ALL INCLUSIVE (with or without a sales page), ongoing social media posts/reels, branding or rebranding for programs, website maintenance + new pages, and video editing for courses or freebies.

Diamond requires a thorough application and a 1-month trial period, to make sure that we’re a soulmate-level connection.

Who it’s for: Soul-led, bold & brave AF leaders making at least 7 figures/year.

Turnaround time: Smaller tasks (social posts, website maintenance, etc): 2-3 working days. Larger projects (sales pages, branding, etc): 5-7 working days.


DIAMOND | custom


GOLD | $1555/10 hours

Our GOLD option is our most flexible ongoing option; it is based hourly rather than fixed-rate. This means that if your business looks really different month-to-month, we have the flexibility to work with you on whatever you need, whether it’s offer branding, social media posts, creating freebies, landing pages — we’re here for you. With GOLD, you pay upfront for a 10 hour package ($1555) and use those hours whenever you need support (hours expire after 3 months). And don’t worry - we work fast 😉


Who it’s for: Growing, empowered leaders making close to or above 6 figures/year.

Turnaround time: Smaller tasks (social posts, website maintenance, etc): 5-7 working days. Larger projects (sales pages, branding, etc): 2-3 weeks.


$2k (or $1555 for VIP week)


If you have a signature offer that needs a facelift, this is for you. The program branding package is one of our most popular offers, and for good reason! We’ll get the download from you about the magic, power, and potency of your offer — and channel it into the branding. This package comes with all the graphics you’ll need for your launches and marketing: a hero image, website banner, Instagram stories, reels, a carousel post, Facebook group covers, an “I’m in” graphic, welcome graphics, testimonial graphics, and anything else you need! If you need a sales page too, we can add this on at an additional cost.

Who it’s for: Bold, soul-led entrepreneurs who want to create art out of their offers

Turnaround time: 1-2 days 


It is exactly what it sounds like: branding for your business! You’ll leave our time together with a 20+ page brand guideline document completely custom to your brand, including: 5-6 logo variations, brand colors, brand fonts, brand strategy, mood board & vibe, social media design direction, and more. But most of all, you’ll leave with pow-er-ful clarity and groundedness around your brand, your purpose, your magic, and how to share it.

Who it’s for: Soul-led entrepreneurs needing branding or RE-branding for their business.

Timeline: 1 month or 5-7 days for VIP day

**Includes everything in BUSINESS BRANDING

This is our fully custom branding and website option and can be used for both a brand new website and a website re-design. The platforms we build on include Showit, Wordpress (Elementor), Kajabi and Wix. For this package, you provide us with copywriting (our team can also cover this for you, at an additional cost) and brand photos, and we do the rest!

This custom website package is meant for those who enjoy and desire spaciousness around their website build and/or need something more custom than our standard Showit website in a week offer.

Who it’s for: Inspired, soul-led leaders growing their business to new heights.

Timeline: 8-12 weeks


VIP Day: $1111



Custom branded video trailer for your program, course, retreat, or mastermind.

*Comes with everything in PROGRAM BRANDING


▶︎ You provide me with video footage (b-roll from photoshoots, phone videos you've taken yourself) AND/OR I instruct you on how to take great video footage of yourself, and we combine this with beautiful stock videos to make your edit.
▶︎ We choose a theme song for your offer.
▶︎ I create the branding & trailer for you to use on Instagram, your website, and anywhere else your heart desires!


THE crème de la crème IN-PERSON cinematic branding experience for

bold-hearted leaders.


▶︎ A 2-5 minute brand trailer/mini-movie that tells the story of your brand, your purpose, and your mission (sized 16:9 and 9:16 to use on socials AND your website or Youtube).
▶︎ A recording of your voice in the form of spoken brand storytelling. This will be part of the 2-5 minute brand trailer.
▶︎ A retreat-like experience where you get to embody the core values & archetypes of your brand and be SEEN deeply.
▶︎ A handful of 30s-1m video edits without audio (to use as reels, posts, for various programs, etc!)
▶︎ A Google Drive folder of 10-15s video clips for you to use as you wish! Make your own reel edits, use on your stories, etc!


currently $1777!

currently $7500!

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