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the art of

Showing Up

a FREE 3-day live training

 Move through the 3 MAIN blocks 

 keeping you in the cycle of resistance.

creative expression starts by showing up.

healing starts by showing up.

Showing up is the most courageous thing you can do.

Whether you want to finish that book, start that new painting, write that sales page, be consistent on social media, release a negative belief, do your morning practice, or have that important conversation with your partner…


You have to be willing to SHOW UP.


Sounds simple, right? How hard can it be to just sit down at your desk or easel or yoga mat?


Well, as I’m sure many of you know, it’s not always that simple. Deciding to sit down and follow through on your inspiration or internal desires means showing up for the fullness of life, in all its perfection and all its insanity.


Showing up for your creativity, your work, your healing — means you showing up for your truth. Deciding to show up means, in many cases, being willing to step into the unknown, mysterious guidance of life. It means being present with whatever life gives you, whether you want to or not.

There are endless reasons why not to do something, why not to show up to yourself, your life, and your creation. And I am here to help guide you through.


In this free 3 day training

I’ll be going over the 3 main things that keep people stuck in this cycle of resistance and how to work through it.


P.S!! you’ll also get a workbook to integrate the teachings from each day :)

Are you ready to move through your resistance? Are you ready to summon the courage to show up to every facet of your life so you can play in ease and joy?


Are you ready to show up?


Join us.




tues aug 18 - thurs aug 20 @ 12pm MDT

the creative soul fb group

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