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opening heart

the healing journey

is not linear.

there is no start,

and there is no end.

we do not “fix” our trauma

or neurosis,

and be done with it.


the lessons we learn

cycle to deeper depths

as we continue

desiring to find deeper truths.

in a culture where sensitivity

is basically shunned,

and suffering exists around every corner,

it is extremely challenging

to live with

an open heart.


in a culture where boundaries

are either so cuttingly harsh

or completely nonexistent,

it is nearly impossible to know

how to open your heart,

while keeping yourself protected

against all the

toxic conditioning

of our time.

what I’ve realized

as I spiral deeper yet into this lesson,


that the best way to protect your sacred heart,

is by opening it so fully,

taking in the world,

and feeling all of it’s truth,

all of it’s sadness and joy,

pleasure and pain...

because the essence of the heart

isn’t afraid.

it knows

pain will never outlast love.

and further,

it knows pain

is what fuels its love,

and gives it life.

the heart holds ultimate compassion.

loving everything so deeply,

so unconditionally,

that there is no need for protection,

because nothing

is unworthy

of love.

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