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as a child

I was powerfully open and innocent,

taking in the world,

being shamelessly and fiercely myself.

and then

I was initiated into the illusion

of limitation.

initiated into the illusion

that I am not allowed to be myself.

when was the first time you felt you had to hide?

in this transition,

this initiation into humanhood,

without the proper tools,

the heart naturally closes off

to protect itself

in attempts to stay pure in the midst of

a confusingly toxic environment.


I walked this world


with a closed heart,

ignorantly content with numbness

until my soul chose to

step onto a different path.

you know the one…

the one that’s equally as challenging as it is joyful,

the one where once you start walking,

there’s no turning back.

no turning back from awareness to ignorance.

and thank GOD

because even though

the path is rocky and there’s no map and you might fall on your face,

by moving forward,

we honor our purpose

in being human.


by moving forward,

we get to experience the magic of

the heart learning to RE-OPEN,

as we practice finding refuge in the mystery

that’s accessible through

the ever-present L O V E

of this existence.

and while yes,

ultimately this journey takes place FIRST internally,

with the Self…

appreciate the people in your life

that come along

and assist in awakening this love.

the people who,

when your energies meet,

create a sacred third space,

that acts as a doorway into this love.

appreciate these people.

because the offering of another soul's presence

can hold immense magic

for deeper RE-OPENING,

for supercharging the love

that is ALWAYS present




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